The benefits of Olympic Weightlifting

More Strength Weightlifting is a strength and conditioning facility that welcomes all ages, levels, and backgrounds.

Olympic Weightlifting is a great, full body workout for anyone. Even if you’ve never tried weightlifting, it’s for you. We are committed to coaching beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes to develop strength, become faster, mentally tough, and less prone to injuries. We also work with individuals who want to better themselves, by getting stronger, losing weight, building muscle, or getting into exceptional physical condition.

Weightlifting is a safe sport. When you’re at More Strength Weightlifting, you’ll work closely with our coaching staff and head coach Michael Pascual to make sure you have the correct form. You won’t work with heavy weights until your have the form down and our coaches will always be available to help.

If you do not have a coach and you're looking for help, contact us.

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