How to improve your Bench Press

There are no secrets for successfully increasing your bench press.

The same standard principals that apply for your bench press are applicable to all of your other fitness and nutrition goals:

  • Consistency
  • Hard Work
  • No Excuses
  • Efficient Programming
  • Adequate Muscle Recovery 

Every grip can vary per individual. Some choose shoulder width, and others choose wider grips. 

The wider your grip, the more activation will occur in your chest. The closer your grip is, in relation to your shoulder width, the more engagement will happen in your shoulders and triceps. 

Every athlete is different, and everyone has a personal preference. You have to choose what works best for you because the following may dictate your grip:

  • Previous pain or injuries in your upper body (arms or shoulders)
  • Mobility, specifically your range of motion 

Back arching on a bench press is an exciting topic. I am not writing this blog post to tell you what works and what doesn't work, but let's review the basics. It comes down to an individual's goals and perspective. 

What are you trying to achieve with your bench press? Arching your back creates a shorter range of motion. Without hyperextending your back, you perform the movement in more of a full range of motion. The choice is yours.

If you do not have a coach and you're looking for help, contact us.

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